[note on the meaning of grok: term first coined by robert a heinlein in his 1961 novel stranger in a strange land, the word means to understand thoroughly and intuitively.]


why grok?


we believe that you as an employer should do what you do best and love; HR

issues that creeps in, tend to take this away. at grok, we take care of these HR

issues – and together with you, become a driving force that grows your business

from strength to strength.

grok has extensive expertise in establishing and managing a human resources

infrastructure; handling everything from strategic to tactical initiatives. our range of

experience allows us to implement the necessary strategy and programs to support your

organizational goals.

in today's complex HR environment, the issues are so unpredictable – employee

performance, harassment, compliance, termination – that you never know what's coming

your way.


how will grok make your daily work life experience better?


whether you need help getting your HR component off the ground, recruiting staff

members, or putting together a competitive benefits package, grok can help.

we work exclusively with small to mid-sized organizations & provide cost-effective and

integrated HR solutions that help optimize businesses from the inside out.


why should you do business with grok


grok's approach promises a problem solving, result driven solution. we invest in our

client's future, investing now to reap the rewards together.


later is always longer…


can you tell me about the biggest challenge you're facing right now?


solving your problems together…

could i get a better deal somewhere else?


specialist generalist skills are hard to find and dealing with people who don't

understand business can be very frustrating. grok is an entrepreneurial business which is

built on innovation and creativity which will deliver a market leading high-quality product

to you.


grok believes in partnering with our clients for the long run. investing in relationships.